It was a most excellent year. And I’d like to do a bit of a review.

I remember late December 2011. I was housesitting. You see, when I am not living the life of an artist, I am working with dogs, and was happily on assignment when the idea of blogging and sharing my experiences as a Seattle actor struck. My first post was short and sweet and was titled, Preparing to Audition.

When I first started blogging, I operated without much of an agenda. I just wanted to share some experiences. Maybe get some attention. Put my name and face out there a bit more. Now, 12 months and almost 100 posts later, I have come to understand and accept that what I am doing is promoting art and business and craft, while providing invaluable resources to the Seattle Film Actor.

As I blogged, I received encouragement from family, friends, and more. I want to extend a special thanks to Angela DiMarco, Ben Andrews, and John Jacobsen for their support. The blog has slowed down a bit, partly because of time and partly because I am a bit more selective about posting. Oh, and I have two new places to post now – here and on our NEW PRODUCTION COMPANY page (Mighty Tripod Productions).

So, what happened this year? A whole LOT of stuff. But, for the sake of time, I will focus on what happened for me in 2012 as far as acting/art/business is concerned.

  • Bigfoot. Yep. My first TV movie. Bruce Davison directed. I was in one scene as a helicopter pilot and got to say, “Gunner, stand by.” Danny Bonaduce was there, too. And I did get to meet Andre Royo. I loved him as Bubbles on The Wire. On set he was very friendly and welcoming. Awesome!
  • Grimm. I booked my first network TV show as a co-star. I played Quinn in Season 1, Episode 18. It was an absolute thrill. It was only a one day contract, and I had to join AFTRA, but a mere few weeks later the merger happened, and I became a member of SAG-AFTRA. Bonus!
  • All My Presidents was accepted into the 2012 Seattle International Film Festival.
  • I shot All Things Hidden with Julianne Christie, two short films for the Shoreline film program, and Deadline with Wonder Russell.
  • I shot Locally Grown, directed by Tony Doupe’.
  • I began hosting casting director workshops with Evil Slave.
  • Shadowed played the Tacoma Film Festival and won audience pick for best film.
  • I trained under John Jacobsen and later assisted in one of his classes at Freehold.
  • The Art of Racing in the Rain. My two passions merged as I played Enzo the dog for Book-It Repertory Theatre to critical acclaim.
  • We (Angela DiMarco and I) launched our production and educational outreach company, Mighty Tripod Productions. We produced our first short film, Enmity, and are writing, producing, and starring in The New Jack.
  • I trained under Steven Anderson twice – in the spring and the fall.
  • I recorded the radio drama, Airship Daedalus with Moon Bullet Studios.
  • I shot the feature film, A Bit Of Bad Luck, starring Cary Elwes. Oh, and I got to wear my mullet hat. Mr. Elwes is a true gentleman and a very funny and talented man.
  • I also appeared in a number of staged readings of plays and screenplays.
  • And I attended other workshops with wonderful people like Amey Rene’, Bonnie Gillespie, Lana Veenker, and Paul Weber, to name a few.

Here are a few images from my year in Seattle film and Theatre.

Obviously, one can accomplish a lot in a year’s time with the proper motivation. My motivation? Love, passion, joy, and the ticking clock of my own existence.

Thank you for your support, love, encouragement, and wisdom.


David S. Hogan




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