The Seattle Seahawks are the 2014 NFL Champions. Not since 1979 and the SuperSonics, has Seattle had a professional sports championship on this level. Before that, according to Wikipedia, you had to go back to 1917 and the Seattle Metropolitans (who?) with a NHL Stanley Cup win. The Seattle Storm brought home the WNBA trophy home in both 2004 and 2010, but if you only consider the “major 4” – NFL, NBA, MLB, and NHL – this city has been waiting 35 years for something like this.

Today was a very, very good day for Seattle and the 12th Man.

The day also came with some very heavy news. It was reported this morning that Phillip Seymour Hoffman was found dead in his New York apartment, having died as the result of a heroin overdose. Mr. Hoffman was a brilliant actor, and you don’t just have to take my word for it. He is – was – one of this generation’s greatest character actors. I absolutely loved watching his work. He was simply amazing, and his death is, to me, a reminder that life is fragile, life is hard, humans are vulnerable, actors are not immune, and drugs are dangerous. Even as I write this I am so, so sad. A remarkable talent. Gone.

Enjoy this clip of Mr. Hoffman working – well, it’s a funny outtake, actually – with another of my favorite actors, Joaquin Phoenix:

[youtube url=”https://youtu.be/YcTf7CO-hdA”]

A new report came out recently about drug and a potential mis-evaluation of their danger and addictiveness, but even if this is true, some drugs are still, obviously, very potent, and if abused, can lead to death. I am not going attempt to start a debate on drugs – pros and cons, I only want to tell you, reader, if you need help, reach out. There are people out there, loved ones and complete strangers (professional hotlines, counselors, etc.) who want to listen to you.

Now, let me get back to the Seahawks story and tie it into the path of the actor. First off, how did the Seattle Seahawks do it this Season? 13 – 3 in the regular season, Conference champions, and Super Bowl XVLIII (that’s 48) winners – in dominant, truly dominant fashion. How?

Well, there are lots of reasons, obviously, but I want to point towards one:

Belief. They believed they could win this thing. Arguably, the whole team has “bought in” to the Pete Carroll ethos, and his Win Forever, Compete for Everything mandate. This team worked hard, and then believed they could do it.

Seattle had their back all season long. The 12th Man is #louder and prouder than ever, and the Hawks played with a chip on their shoulder all season, working under the impression that outside of the PNW, they get no respect.

Check out this great interview clip with WR Doug Baldwin (#89):

[youtube url=”https://youtu.be/sWH7D55CpnE”]

Speaking of respect and belief, did you believe in Percy Harvin this season? Until today’s game, I think he played only a few snaps all season long after joining the Hawks this season and under a huge contract, and a lot of people began to wonder if he was a bust. If memory serves, he was out for at least the first half of the season, came back for a game, and was a back on the IR, undergoing another procedure on his hip. He kept working and rehabbing, making it back again for our playoff game against the Saints. Mom and I were at that game. Harvin got pummeled in the game, and went out with a concussion. The Seattle natives continued to get restless. Maybe he was a bust? Another big signing that just didn’t pan out? Well, he was ready to play in the Super Bowl. His teammates believed in him, along with the coaching staff, and I bet he believed in himself, too. He could have been named the MVP, he was so damn good. Percy, we all 3elieve in you now.

Are you an actor? Do you believe. In yourself? In your work? Do you believe that you can and will put in the work? You should. You must.

“Why not me?” Russell Wilson, the amazingly composed 2nd year Seattle quarterback asks. Ask yourself, actor, as I do, “Why not me?” As in, why can’t I go after it and get it, too.

Here is Wilson in a video from ESPN:

[youtube url=”https://youtu.be/SFMilEYySHU”]

Russell Wilson is most certainly a believer. In himself, in God, in his team, and in work.

An actor, like an athlete, in order to excel, must work. Work and belief go a long way.

With enough work, belief, faith, talent, and luck…Destiny can happen.

Speaking of Destiny, let’s take it back to the Seattle Seahawks 2014 Super Bowl WIN, shall we? So, as you probably know, the fans our here are called “The 12th Man” because our vocal support (which set a Guinness record) at home games gives the team the feeling that we are like another player on their side. If you are a Seattle person, you know all about the 12th Man, but do you know that the first play of the 1st quarter and the first play of the 3rd quarter held a special significance for us, the 12s? The first play of the game turned into a safety and 2 points for the Seahawks, and the first play after halftime was a kickoff returned for touchdown. Each play took 12 seconds off of the clock. Twelve seconds. 12. Destiny.

Do you believe? If you are a fan, an actor, an athlete, or anything in between, if you believe in what you are doing, I think you will get more out of everything you do.

Go Hawks.


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