I am a junkie. A smartphone junkie. A tech junkie. I love making videos, taking photos, editing stuff, blogging, social media, and on and on. I love technology, and, arguably, my tech products have made my life better.


I know that my relationship with my cellphone and with technology gets in the way of my joy and my ability to connect, create, and contribute.

I am watching Louis C.K.’s Hilarious (I think he is one of the best comedians working right now), and absolutely dying about him riffing on our (American) obsession with cellphones, and how our relationship with technology is causing us to become bitter, impatient, and entitled. Remember when phones were attached to the wall and stayed at the house when you left? A time when computers didn’t travel around with us in our pockets? And now, amid all the exceptional convenience and access to information, how often do we find ourselves bitching about our phones and their perks? As we have become more and more accustomed to technological “miracles,” we have also become much better at complaining about all the ways that our products and services are not nearly perfect enough.

And, in theory, not only are smartphones making us less happy, but our addiction and dependence on them as a distraction is getting in the way of true joyfulness. Watch the Louis C.K. talk about it on Conan:


Louis C.K. says that “You’re lucky to live sad moments,” and the debate is that we are now able to push away from sadness, discomfort… and FEELING, by reaching for the smartphone. Back in the day, folks would reach for a cigarette when things got difficult. Today, perhaps, the smartphone is the new cigarette: We are addicted and pull it out whenever we are bored or simply don’t want to feel. Yes, of course, the smartphone is more than that, but I truly believe that I can use my smartphone more responsibly. As a tool to create, share, inspire, teach, and explore, but not to distract from feeling or stray from connection.

So, how can you tell if you are addicted? Well, I imagine you know if you have a “problem,” and if you do, let’s talk solutions, as I introduce you to one of my favorite vloggers, Anthony Meindl. In the video below, he challenges viewers to spend less time on their phones. I have it cued up to the right spot, but I encourage you to watch the whole thing, it’s filled with gifts.

“Get off the teat of that fuc*king cellphone” – Anthony Meindl


Do you like Louis C.K? Have you heard of Anthony Meindl? Tell me about you in the comments below: What challenges you and what inspires you?

PS – While writing this, I am streaming Louis C.K. on Netflix, watching YouTube videos, and complaining in my mind about my *slow* wifi. But I am working on it! 🙂

Thanks for reading, and Stay Inspired!


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