It’s a business/pleasure trip. I’m not moving. Though, I am very intrigued by the idea of living here (Seattle), and taking on work in Los Angeles. I just don’t think it’s all that easy.

Angela and I head to LA in a few weeks to take an Actorswork workshop, hang out with friends, enjoy (hopefully) some sun, do some pet/housesitting, and drop in on a few other training opportunities while we were are there. Hopefully, my inquiry mentioned above – “Is it possible to live in Seattle and find audition opportunities in LA?” – will find a better answer once we are on the streets and I talk to my people and their people.

Living in Seattle is so wonderful – we have a great home, tremendous friends, and our families are here, too – but steady work (and steady paying work) in front of the camera is near impossible here. Maybe I am delusional to presume that there would be more opportunities for me in sunny LA, but I *know* that there has to be more activity down there. Sure, more competition, but, heck, I am feeling the urge to compete. To risk. To fail. And to risk/fail big. If nothing else, I hope that this trip will be the first of many that will take place over the next few years, as I look south for training and artistic growth (and, perhaps, auditions!).

Hopefully, if we have convenient internet access, I will be blogging from the road and keeping you up to date on what we are doing and who we are meeting.

Thanks for reading!

~ David

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