What are you doing right now?

Reading this post?

What I am I doing right now?

Writing this post, petting my dog, and half-watching NFL football.

What are you doing with your time. Do you use it wisely?

If you are an actor, how you choose to use your time will greatly affect your potential for success.

For instance: I am sure you are not that actor just sitting by your phone waiting for your agent to call…Or the casting director from theatre X…Or your buddy who might be producing a new play at the annual fringe festival. You are not that dude, right?

Are you a social networker? I am. Do you spend too much time online? I do. Can you turn off the cell, silence the phone, and work on your monologues for an hour every other day? What about your voice? Are you training your voice? Can you unplug or create a little pocket of you time 3 days per week to just focus on getting better at your craft? Or, maybe you are learning a new accent. An instrument. A foreign language. Do you have the time to devote to accomplish your goals? Do you have the patience to chip away at your desire, piece by piece?

Are you working on other aspects of your instrument? How is your body? Do you treat it well? Are you spending a lot of time at the bar or the cafe’ and subtracting time from zones where you can sharpen your tools, while piling on the calories (beer, booze, pastries – oooooh, I LOVE donuts) at the same time?

What about work? Are you devoting too much time to your “survival job,” that might line your pockets and pay the rent (which rocks!), but which leaves you too exhausted to pursue more, theoretically, fulfilling work?

Are you auditioning like crazy, but not booking? Have you considered that you can take all the time that was spent preparing, traveling, and auditioning, and convert it into self-producing your own work?

How are you choosing to spend your time tonight? This week? Next year?

I am not here to give you a solution, I just want to encourage you to look at how you manage your time. Because there is always a choice. We only have so long here together. Make it count.

Thanks for reading.

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