I had a blast as a guest of The Black and Red Show!

Big props to the creators, Greg Marks and Kevin Dailey, for providing this great platform to connect and inspire Northwest artists! What I like about this show is that it gives Northwest actors a place to talk about what they are doing in the entertainment community. I think that the Seattle theatre community and it’s audiences are now far more appreciative and supportive of local actors.

About 10 years ago, around the time I first started in the biz (well, it’s been almost 13 years now…wow, where does the time go?), there were many “professional” (Equity) theatres which would look to New York to fill leading roles, much to the chagrin of local actors. Now, I am not suggesting that our film industry is not supportive of each other. In my limited experience it’s a great community which promotes collaboration and community. Now, I have heard that it’s not all wine and roses all the time, and I will not be so naive to think that it’s perfect, but the point is: how do we inspire local audiences (aside from friends and family) to take a an interest – emotionally and financially – in the Seattle independent film scene? Perhaps, through audience education and targeted promotion (and *really* good films!). If so, then shows like this are crucial!

During my episode, among other things, we talked about my acting career and how it started, my blog for the NW film actor, and our new production company, Mighty Tripod Productions.

If you have not seen the episode, check it out and please share with your friends!

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The guest on the most recent episode is the savvy film veteran, Paul Eenhoorn. Paul has a film headed to Sundance, and he is an all around great guy and a fixture in the Seattle film community.


[youtube url=”https://youtu.be/iDPE-S71hgs”]



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