David S. Hogan

Actor, Producer, Educator

I was raised in Seattle, Washington by James and Susan Hogan, and have been working as an actor since 2000. My work has been seen at Book-It Repertory Theatre, Seattle Shakespeare Company, The Seattle Opera, Seattle Repertory Theatre, and more. My last show on stage was with Seattle Shakespeare’s Wooden O in the summer of 2013, where I played King Henry in Henry V – “Once More Unto the Breach, Dear Friends!” – since then I have been focusing more on working my craft in front of the camera. Recent Credits: Bad Samaritan, The Scottish Play, Chronoception, and Rockaway. You can learn more about these projects on my IMDb page.

For a bit of history: In the fall of 2010 I signed with TCM Models and Talent, and in 2011 I had a breakout year in front of the camera, booking Thunderballs (network pilot), Shadowed (feature film), and All My Presidents. In 2012, I made my network television debut on NBC’s Grimm. Additionally that year: A Bit of Bad Luck starring Cary Elwes, Bigfoot, starring Danny Bonaduce, multiple short films, and my first project as a producer: The New Jack, a web series pilot, that never saw the light of day. In May of 2013, I reprized the role of Grumio in Seattle Shakespeare Company’s critically acclaimed “trailer park” The Taming of the Shrew: “Petruchio’s mesh-jersey-and-camo wearing sidekick Grumio (David S. Hogan) is an absolute gem. He uses body language and facial expressions—scowls, constant karate jumps and howls, military marches—in a way that garners as much laughter as the biting dialogue.”….READ MORE