Thank you for supporting me. Yeah, I am talking to you – mom, pop, wife, family, friends, fans. Making a life as an artist is a tough road, but it’s full of rich rewards, and I am thrilled to continue along this path as we head into another year.

December was incredibly tough for me on a personal level. We lost our beloved dog, Vida, and we suffered through the news and repercussions of the Sandy Hook shootings. There were, of course, many, many wonderful and beautiful things which took place in 2012 (a trip to Scotland for our anniversary and a marriage of dear friends, great times with family and friends, fantastic projects on screen, and a new production company), but, for me, the pain and loss associated with the “unpleasant” experiences of 2012 propels me with much urgency into the new year.

Resolutions. Do you make them? Last year, I think I made a LONG list of things that I wanted to happen. And, a lot of those things DID happen. I think I wrote stuff like, “Feature Film” – I filmed two (well, one was a made for TV movie and I said but a few words, but still!), and “Short Film” – I did a few of those, etc. This year, I am not adding things which are out of my control to my list of resolutions. I am going to work on things that can be accomplished with a bit of energy, commitment, and elbow grease!

I am on a mission in 2013 to be a better artist, take nothing for granted, enjoy myself and others to the maximum, and take more risks.

What are YOU looking forward to in 2013?

I encourage you to love more, hug more, create more, have more fun, be embarrassed, and dance as often as possible.

~ David

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