Lots of updates friends, fans, and family! Let’s start with a *big* one. My first feature film as a producer (along side my wife, Angela DiMarco), Paralytic, is an official selection of the 2016 Seattle International Film Festival! Along with Joey Johnson, director/writer/producer, Mighty Tripod Productions has her first feature in a film festival, and with any luck and a lot more work, we will get this film out to the world (and for sale!) by the end of the year. Check out the teaser trailer here and be sure to visit the website and subscribe to Paralytic News.

In other news, Angela and I have both received great press from Media Inc. Angela was just featured in Scott A. Capestany’s editorial, “Washington State’s Most Influential Women in Film, TV, and Media.” Please check out the article and celebrate Angela and all the amazing and creative women in Washington.

“’MTP is an evolution of who I was, growing up without having quality training and mentorship that I believe is a major cornerstone of becoming a professional artist,’ said DiMarco, who runs the company with her talented and award-winning husband David Hogan…”

Ben Andrews and I were both featured in a different article over at Media Inc. He and I are both producers (along side Abundant Productions) of The Lunchbox Brigade, a short film that is going into production this May, and screening at the Hollyshorts Film Festival in Los Angeles.

“’It’s truly an honor to see our dreams becoming a reality, having our esteemed HollyShorts Screenplay competition winner Kyle Thiele get his short made via our partners Evil Slave, Abundant Productions and Mighty Tripod Productions along with Shoreline Community College’s Filmmaking Department,’ said Theo Dumont and Daniel Sol, HollyShorts co-founders. ‘This alliance truly signifies the new pathway between the Pacific Northwest and Hollywood, a bridge that creates incredible opportunities across the board for filmmakers everywhere and we are delighted to be involved.’”

Additionally, Angela and I are continuing to produce The Mighty Minute on YouTube, which is our way of keeping you informed about our *mighty* events, and pass along bite size bits of film making tips and actor education. If you have a few minutes, check out a few episodes, and share if you see something you like!

Finally, I recently took a few photos with my pal Evan at Evan Gardner Photography. He was scouting for locations for natural light photography, and I lent my face for a few hours to help him. We got a few winners out of the session, and I am sharing one of my favorite ever smiley-shots!

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