Week one is a wrap on The Device with The October People! I am very excited to be working on this Seattle indie with this amazing team. Their previous feature length film, The Invoking, was very successful, and I have similar hopes for the future of this film. The mighty men behind The October People are John Portanova, Jeremy Berg, and Matt Medisch. If you don’t know about their work, I suggest you check them out.

We spent the majority of the first week filming on location in Kitsap County at a wonderful cabin and nearby woods. Angela’s family lives in Port Orchard, and we were so fortunate that they opened their beautiful home to us and our pooch, Lily.

Our entire cast was utilized during our first week, which included myself, Angela DiMarco, Kate Alden, Ben Andrews, and Russell Hodgkinson. My scenes are all with the incredibly talented and beautiful Angela (who is my wife – which you probably know – and she and I have worked together before, most recently on Trauma (which will play STIFF in Seattle this May), and Miles, which will be released later this year. Kate and I had not met before this project, but I am thrilled that she is a part of this film.

The crew of The Device is absolutely stellar, and I am very happy to be reunited with Chris Taylor, our gaffer. Chris and I work together often, and I always enjoy being on a set with him. Chris is also a screenwriter and cinematographer. You can learn more about his work here. Two other crew members I will give a shout out to (not that they aren’t all wonderful) are Robyn Scaringi – Script Supervisor, and Jens Larsen – On-Set Sound Capture/Boom Operator. These two are great on the set. I had not worked with either of them before, but I will look to hire them in the future should Mighty Tripod Productions be looking for a crew.

Thanks for reading the latest DSH news. I will keep you posted as we move forward into week two of The Device and beyond!



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